Double-O Beta sign-up


Thanks for your interest in beta-testing Double-O.

“Double-O” is a new MVC theme architecture that runs on top of WordPress and promises to completely revolutionise both your WordPress programming and theme development.

It’s structured, configurable, extensible, and supports a revolutionary Model/View architecture, plus a powerful templating language that offers total (or partial – it’s up to you) separation of presentation and logic. Not only that but it’s been designed from scratch following best practices and modern techniques, leveraging the best of PHP5 to eliminate the common WordPress hacks and workarounds you’ve come to take for granted.

If you’re a seasoned developer working with real MVC frameworks, this is what you’ve been waiting for. If you’re a WordPress stalwart, or more of a hobby programmer, welcome to a wonderful new world.

For more info, see the slides from the talk I gave at the August Wordpress London.


I'm looking for a variety of testers to put the framework through its paces before being released to the world, and I'm also looking for folks who are eloquent and motivated enough to provide proper, meaningful feedback, in return for early access and potential input into the project.

If you'd like to be considered for the Beta, please answer a few short questions and leave your contact details, and you'll be notified when Double-O enters Beta (likely November this year) as to whether you're on the programme.

Many thanks,
Dave Stewart

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